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Depuis cinq décennies, le succès de Nana Mouskouri n’est plus à prouver. Elle est en effet l’artiste féminine ayant vendu le plus de disques à travers le monde avec plus de 400 millions de copies écoulées au cours de sa carrière.
For five decades, the success of Nana Mouskouri is proven. Indeed, she is the female artist with the most albums sold in the world, with over 400 million copies sold in her career.
Nana Mouskouri vient de rejoindre les artistes produits par Les Visiteurs du Soir, et elle sera à nouveau en tournée mondiale qui débutera le 14 octobre 2013 pour se terminer le jour de ses 80 ans, le 13 octobre 2014. De plus amples informations suivront dans les semaines à venir…
Nana Mouskouri has joined the artists produced by Les Visiteurs du Soir, and she will be on a world tour again from October 14, 2013 to the day of her 80th birthday, October 13, 2014. Further details will come in the next weeks…

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75 thoughts on “Nana on Tour 2013-2014 !

  1. Reply Isabelle Germain avr 8, 2014 17 h 00 min

    Merci du fond du cœur, Nana, pour votre prestation sur la scène de la salle Maurice-O’Bready de Sherbrooke hier soir! Vous nous avez fait ressentir votre amour et votre passion pour la chanson. Vous entendre chanter est un pur bonheur! Vous êtes une grande dame! De plus, vous avez fait preuve d’une grande générosité en revenant saluer la foule avec une chanson (Fidaki?) a cappella à la toute fin du spectacle. Grandiose! Ce fut un plaisir et un honneur d’être présente à cette soirée en compagnie de mes parents! Encore MERCI Nana! Isabelle G. xx

  2. Reply Gustave nov 19, 2013 2 h 19 min

    Nana j’espère en Novembre. est un privilège, Dieu vous bénisse

  3. Reply Mervyn Panayiotis Valaithum oct 15, 2013 21 h 20 min

    Greetings to all. This is the best news in a long time for me. Yes – since 2008. I was still drying my tears after I went to the Acropolis on 31st August instead July when I read this prospect of seeing Nana here in S.A.! I was giving up and planning to give away my vinyls to make space. (After digitally recording them). Never. Thanks to all of you so much for these exciting comments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I feel like a hopeful child again and look forward to a great tour. It would be the best birthday (16th oct) gift to me. I wish nana a safe and resounding success in her planned tours, as usual. I admire her strength and love for music and people. Long live and god bless you, nana. (Upper case not selecting)

  4. Reply Mervyn Panayiotis Valaithum août 4, 2013 6 h 45 min

    Salut tout le monde! Yeissas oli sas! Well I hope I win the lotto before the tour. If she comes to Johannesburg S.A. I’d be the happiest person in the world! I missed her 2008 tour at Herrodes Atticus by exactly one month. Nana is an angel, nothing less. I once commented she is good enough to be the queen of east, west,north and south. I have loved her since I was 14. That’s 50 years. My little room is full of her vinyls and beautiful pictures. Not many singers sing from their hearts into our hearts. She does. She is nothing short of a miracle. If you read her « Memoirs » you’d certainly agree. I love everything about you Nana.I studied your language, Orthodxy and French. You are an inspiration, a God given gift to the world. Please don’t stop singing and come to Johannesburg. I must see you in my lifetime. I love you soooo much. Panayiotis

  5. Reply maria c. sanchez mai 17, 2013 19 h 03 min

    I want to thanks Philippe for this wonderful website where we can write our comments with liberty, and also thanks Nana Mouskouri for her large patience when reading our comments. Nana is a great lady, she loves all her fans.
    Waiting for her concerts…

  6. Reply grace mai 13, 2013 1 h 39 min

    when Nana, started singing in Greece, her voice was fragile, and it’s like she has back that fragility, i love. And from the powerful era,the song moved me,most, is « If you go away », quite fragile,again..So,no problem !

  7. Reply Street mai 9, 2013 10 h 51 min

    Sing on and on sweet angel. You will be singing throughout the eternities.

  8. Reply Lunesoleil avr 27, 2013 20 h 32 min

    Merveilleuse Nana qui a baigné mon enfance merci

  9. Reply bernard savoie avr 22, 2013 0 h 05 min

    bernard savoie
    Oui Liliane, tu as raison: le coeur ne connaît pas d’âge! J’aurai encore à dire pour vous rejoindre à ma façon, toi,Peter, Brenda, Rolf, dans les derniers dont j’apprécie les messages. A bientôt, Yassou! Bernard Savoie.

  10. Reply Liliane (France) avr 17, 2013 8 h 08 min

    Le coeur ne connaît pas l’âge. Elle m’a touchée par sa voix et sa personnalité. Je l’ai aimée jeune, et je l’aimerai toujours. Même si elle se contentait de parler, je l’aimerais encore.

  11. Reply Peter avr 15, 2013 20 h 32 min

    J’aime Nana et sa voix (comme elle etait jadis) eperdument… jusque’a la folie, mais, malheureusement je suis d’accord avec Brenda. Elle decrit la situation si bien qu je n’ai rien a ajouter. Je ne vais que couper et coller son message ci-dessous…

    Brenda Moore, UK mar 26, 2013 6 h 15 min

    I am a fan of Nana for 40 years now. I met her on two occasions, once in Ireland and once in Washington DC. I am sad to think that Nana is not happy to retire at this point in her life. She has already done the world’s concerts announcing her retirement. Nana’s beautiful singing voice is now fading. This is the reality. The beautiful lady is almost 80 years old and I think it would be very foolish for her to try and ignite the same flame. It is always lovely to see pictures of her and learn of what she is doing in present times but her singing days are over. Her voice dictates that. Please stay in the limelight but it saddens me to hear your voice as it is in old age, worn and thin. Please face facts and retire as the graceful person you are. It was a great pleasure to have had you in my life singing in the background as I went about my daily life. Leave us all with these happy memories of a voice pitch perfect, strong and beautiful. bye.

    • Reply Anna avr 16, 2013 17 h 23 min

      Un bon commentaire, Pierre. Je crois que les gens qui admirent Nana peut être divisé en deux – les personnes qui se consacrent à Nana et qui l’aime complètement, et les gens qui admiraient sa voix exceptionnelle.

  12. Reply marianV4 avr 14, 2013 12 h 12 min

    My view is that the lady from the UK was right in what she said and brave to say it. I also think she said it out of love for Nana.

  13. Reply Shirley McMahon avr 12, 2013 2 h 53 min

    I spoke with Nana after her final concert in Hamilton and when I said we would miss her she said that we would always have her music and she would not want us to come to a concert and go out saying she should have retired earlier, I trust that she believes she can sing well enough to go on tour again. I look forward to seeing her

  14. Reply Gisèle avr 10, 2013 21 h 19 min

    J’ai bien hâte de connaître son horaire!
    Elle a toujours la santé et l’énergie…je crois qu’elle réussira.

  15. Reply maria c. sanchez avr 10, 2013 20 h 15 min

    Yeees!!!!!Rob H, you are right I totally agree with you. Bravo, Nana Mouskouri, You Are The Best, as always!!!!.We love you Nana, your voice, your strength, your intensity, we admire you, special Nana. Go, never give up, little girl of Greece!!!.We, your real fans, we are with you, always.

  16. Reply maria c. sanchez mar 29, 2013 0 h 03 min

    I belong to the group that believes that Nana will have a great success in her next concerts, dear fans, just read this:
    - Barbara Walters will retire next year, she is 84.
    - Pope Benedict retired this year, he is 86.
    - Tony Bennett is still singing, he is 85.
    - Charles Aznavour is still singing, he is 89.
    - Betty White is still acting, she is 91.
    - Maggie Smith is still acting, she is 79.
    - Sophia Loren is 78.
    - Sean Connery is 83.
    - Sara Montiel is 85.
    - Claudia Cardinale is 74.
    - Juliette Greco is 86.
    - Brigitte Bardot is 79.
    - Julio Iglesias will be 70 in September,
    We all celebrate them, they are legends…so, why worry?

    • Reply Rob H avr 14, 2013 0 h 13 min

      Also, Petula Clark, who just performed in Australia and France, has announced her UK tour for October 2013. And Petula is two years older than Nana.

      • Reply Theo mai 10, 2013 16 h 45 min

        But I heard that Petula Clark had a difficult time singing at an award ceremony recently in London?

        • Reply Rob mai 10, 2013 23 h 09 min

          I assume you are referring to the Olivier Awards ceremony which took place in London twelve days ago (April 28, 2013). Well, I have seen Petula’s performance on video and found it to be quite delightful. Here is a link to it on YouTube:

          One person commented: « After all these years, she still does it to me – I get pulled into her performances… and this one is magic. Pure magic. 80??? Amazing. »

  17. Reply maria c. sanchez mar 27, 2013 22 h 36 min

    27 thoughts agree with Nana’s Birthday Concert 2013.
    4 thoughts disagree with Nana’s Birthday Concert 2013.
    17 thoughts are about other topics ( include 2 thoughts that agree, but were from same persons already counted in the 27).

  18. Reply maria c. sanchez mar 27, 2013 19 h 08 min

    In my case, I am very happy that Nana wants to share her birthday …80 years old!!!! with us, her fans. For me this geste is a proof of her love towards her audience, she wants to SHARE this very special moment with us. I am very proud of her, she is a brave lady with no fear even in her close eighties. I would like to see all the concerts, I will see my favorite singer, my idol, an authentic artist, a true voice for more than fifty years…a legend. And finally, I would be very grateful with her for share with us her Birthday, we will celebrate a wonderful moment.

  19. Reply Brenda Moore, UK mar 26, 2013 6 h 15 min

    I am a fan of Nana for 40 years now. I met her on two occasions, once in Ireland and once in Washington DC. I am sad to think that Nana is not happy to retire at this point in her life. She has already done the world’s concerts announcing her retirement. Nana’s beautiful singing voice is now fading. This is the reality. The beautiful lady is almost 80 years old and I think it would be very foolish for her to try and ignite the same flame. It is always lovely to see pictures of her and learn of what she is doing in present times but her singing days are over. Her voice dictates that. Please stay in the limelight but it saddens me to hear your voice as it is in old age, worn and thin. Please face facts and retire as the graceful person you are. It was a great pleasure to have had you in my life singing in the background as I went about my daily life. Leave us all with these happy memories of a voice pitch perfect, strong and beautiful. bye.

    • Reply Rolf mar 26, 2013 16 h 44 min

      Dear Brenda,
      What can i say more by saying i totally agree? I am a fan as wel for 40 years and always felt that Nana was like a red line crossing my life. I read all the messages by fans who are so happy to welcome her back on stage. Ofcourse, she is much more than a lady with a wonderful voice (in the past). She is a « lady »with a great personality, and that counts as well. But, it’s hard to believe, after anouncing a huge farewell tour and saying « to quit », inspite, giving another tour in Germany, (saying having regrets) and now….another « farwell tour »at her age? Don’t think so! But who am i to judge? I don’t want to, but i do not think it’s wise to give another tour.

      • Reply Rob H mar 27, 2013 5 h 28 min

        I attended Nana’s concert in Berlin in November, 2011. It was wonderful! She plans to begin her tour in October 2013 . . . that’s less than two years later. The chances are that she’ll still be great. I also attended concerts by Luciano Pavarotti in his later years and I am happy that he didn’t choose to quit because some people thouight he was too old.

      • Reply Samuel avr 9, 2013 20 h 36 min

        Brenda & Rolf, it was refreshing to read your very sane & sensible words. Yes, she will sing again, & yes, she will inject lots of emotion into the songs, but, yes, the voice that is left today bears does not compare to the extraordinary voice she had when she was young. She’s given her Farewell Tour, many of us paid a fortune for tickets & flights & hotels because they believed it was the last opportunity to see her, so she should stay with that & be happy for all the wonderful years she’s had. As for me, I will live with my memories of her amazing concerts in the 60s & 70s.

        • Reply Rob H avr 10, 2013 0 h 00 min

          How much you and other fans paid in tickets, flights, and hotels is totally irrelevant. Nana Mouskouri is NOT a museum piece. She is a woman with much to offer the world and she found that her decision to retire a few years ago was premature. She still has a great talent to offer and is an inspiration to other seniors! Why don’t YOU stay home and « live with your memories » while her other fans and I enjoy her new concerts.

          • Reply Anna avr 12, 2013 17 h 05 min

            Rob, I hope you will post here fair and objective critique of the concerts after they have happen. Best Wishes.

          • Reply Rob H avr 13, 2013 16 h 10 min

            Anna, you don’t need to wait. I can give you a review now. I attended Nana concerts in Germany last year and they were magical! I listen to Nana’s music every day, but seeing and hearing her live was beyond compare . . . and to feel the love the audience had for her and her love for her fans was an experience not to be missed. How can anyone compare this with staying at home and listening to recordings?

          • Reply Rob H avr 13, 2013 16 h 18 min

            To be exact, one of the concerts was in November 2011 and the other in April, 2012. Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive on time to see the whole 2012 concert.

  20. Reply HECTOR VARGAS mar 8, 2013 0 h 22 min


  21. Reply maria c. sanchez mar 4, 2013 20 h 59 min

    Thanks again, Peter, for everything, as a student I am a natural disaster, sorry for my extra « S » , of course it is « Aspri mera ». I will go the new site for the Lyrics, thanks again, :)

  22. Reply Peter mar 4, 2013 3 h 02 min

    Tambien, el titulo de la cancion es Aspri Mera y no Apris Mera.

  23. Reply Peter mar 4, 2013 2 h 39 min

    Estimada Maria, La cancion de la cual escribe Ud. se llama ‘Les jours meilleurs’ y se aparecio en el album ‘Comme un soleil’. Las palabras francesas no son una traduccion precisa y completa de lo que Nana canta en griego. For the complete lyrics to this song you can always go to Click on Lyrics. Then click on Franzosiche Lyrics. Then click on Les jours meilleurs. You will find the full Greek – French lyrics.

  24. Reply maria c. sanchez mar 3, 2013 20 h 37 min

    Peter, thank you very much. I found an English translation to « Apris mera » where you told me (Google lyrics). I also found at Youtube a video of Nana singing « Apris mera » with Les Atheniens dated from 1971-72. In this video she sings the song in greek and between the greek lyrics she speaks in french a short translation of the song, I think that the translation was made by herself at that moment to explain the greek lyrics as she used to do, which make the video more interesting…some of the french words were: « apprendre a ne pas porter le chagrin comme une croix a ton cou »… I couldn’t take note of the complete french words.
    I always hear « Apris mera » in greek as in Athens 1984 or humming it as in Athens 2008, I loved both versions.
    Thank you very much for all your help, thanks again. :)
    Maybe someone that knows how to deal with computers better than I could post here the 1971-72 version of the song in behalf of all Nana’s fans…what do you think dear Philippe? ???
    Thanks to all of you,

  25. Reply Peter mar 3, 2013 4 h 56 min

    Tha potiso m’ena dakri mou armiro ton kero. Pikra kalokeria ematha konta sou na perno. Nekra peristeria yemise i avyi ton ourano. Tha yiriso lipimeni Panayia. Ehe yia. Min kles to marazi. Mathe filakto na min kremas. Na les den pirazi. Th’arthi aspri mera ke yia mas.

  26. Reply Peter mar 3, 2013 4 h 41 min

    I will return a sad Madonna. Take care. Don’t cry over your anguish. Learn not to wear a talisman. May you say ‘It doesn’t matter’. A white – happy – day will come for us too.

  27. Reply Eugenia Veliotis Barandas fév 28, 2013 0 h 54 min

    Kalimera Nana. Mon nom c´ést Eugenia Maria Veliotis Barandas. Mon Grand-pèrre était un Grand Greek de Peloponessos, Neapoly Vion . Il s’appele Yanny Panagiotis Veliotis. Ma Méra c’est Stavroula Athina Veliotis Ferreira. J’étais un Greece en 2008 Setembre 8, parce que il etait l’ániversaire de ma Mérre 80 ans. Je suis très hereuse de soir votre Fun. Je voudrais savoir quand est ce que vos allez chanter autrefois et oú. S’íl vous plais, dit mois votre itinairaire 2013. Pardon mon français. A tout aleurs. Yasso. Je ne voudrais pas mourrir sans vos ecouter chantez Ça c´est une reve pour moi. Je espere votre reponse. Merci beaucoup. Eugenia ( Jeny).

  28. Reply maria c. sanchez fév 27, 2013 19 h 02 min

    Peter, thank you very much :). I will go to Google, thanks for your time, I will let you know,
    Thanks, Philippe and wesite people.

  29. Reply Peter fév 27, 2013 4 h 07 min

    Maria… Go to google and type in ‘lyrics to aspri mera’ and you will get both the lyrics and a decent translation. My mobile phone won’t let me post and my PC ne marche pas.

  30. Reply Peter fév 27, 2013 3 h 28 min

    I will water time with a salty tear of mine. Bitter summers have I learned to pass near you. With dead doves has the dawn filled the sky.

  31. Reply Peter fév 27, 2013 1 h 33 min

    Aspri Mera – White Day or, in this case, Bright or Happy Day

  32. Reply bernard savoie fév 26, 2013 6 h 17 min

    Qui pourrait me dire ce qu’est devenu Yussi ALLIE? Originaire d’Afrique du Sud, joueur de bouzouki et guitare, parlant et chantant le grec,et, comme elle le dit elle-même, le plus fidèle complice de Nana sur scène.Apparu en 1972 dans le groupe Les Athéniens, puis dans le staff de Kokkinos, et celui de Dourountzis,il semble avoir quitté Nana au début des années 2000 car je ne l’ai pas revu à l’Olympia en 2002. A-t-il pris sa retraite depuis que Nana a reformé son groupe autour de Luciano? En tout cas, il aura bouclé quelques tours du monde aussi, lui! Merci à qui répondra… Yassou!
    Bernard Savoie.

  33. Reply Eugenia v. barandas fév 25, 2013 1 h 39 min

    Merci beaucoup Nana. Je voudrais connaître les places où vous allez chanter et les dates. Merci

  34. Reply maria c. sanchez fév 24, 2013 19 h 05 min

    Mi buen amigo Peter, gracias por su ayuda con mi ingles. Tiene razon, en ingles no se dice « inconditional », sino « unconditional » (unconditional love).Tome la palabra inconditional, al parecer, prestada del frances (inconditionnel) o del espanol (incondicional) y me equivoque.
    No se si Ud. tambien, podria ayudarme en esto: estoy buscando una traduccion al titulo de la cancion « Apris mera », que me gusta mucho, ya sea al ingles, frances o espanol, pero no la encuentro.
    Gracias de nuevo por todo,
    P.S. Nana Mouskouri me hace aprender…Viva Nana Mouskouri!!!! :)

  35. Reply Peter fév 21, 2013 22 h 54 min

    Maria, en ingles no se dice ‘inconditional’. Se dice ‘unconditional’. Pero equivocandose, se aprenda.

  36. Reply Armand MBOLADINGA fév 19, 2013 16 h 20 min

    I already said in French that Nana Mouskouri, of course through her music, is traced to my childhood from my native Africa with numerous wonderful memories associated with it – and she is still constantly inspiring with her art. She has kept her decency intact in the industry, most of times, associated with scandals and ups and downs -this has really distinguished her and she is leading a record of artistic longevity amongst her generation and continuously crossing generations. This is a great accomplishment and she deserves applauses.

    I wish her a great and lenghty continuation of her art.

  37. Reply maria c. sanchez fév 18, 2013 19 h 50 min

    I am very happy for these concerts because I know how much Nana loves the contact with her public. There is a special link between artist public, it is like fresh air and breath, and I think that these concerts will be an extraordinaire effort for Nana. Nana has the talent, strengh and knows very well what she really wants. She has a very special wisdom. I hope that these concerts will give her what she is looking for, because right now she already knows that she has all our love, admiration and recognition, inncondiotional.
    I will be very happy to go to at least one of the concerts and I’m waiting for the schedule to be publish. Meanwhile, I give Nana my all my support in this her new an exciting adventure.
    With love,

  38. Reply Armand fév 18, 2013 16 h 10 min

    La bonne musique de Nana Mouskouri remonte a mon enfance dans mon Afrique natale; plein des bon souvenirs y sont associes, et elle est restee constante dans son talent ainsi que dans l’energie de ses lyriques – cela continue bien au point qu’elle bat le record de longevite dans cette profession sans faille, ni scandale, mais uniquement focalisee a faire plaisir a ses inombrable fans a travers le monde entier.

    Je lui souhaite une bonne et longue continuite de sa musique qui s’etend de generation en generation

  39. Reply bernard savoie fév 18, 2013 11 h 57 min

    On connait sa passion pour le chant, il ne faudrait pas qu’elle lui soit « fatale ». La médisance et les détracteurs excellent dans notre pays; et ils se régaleront bien avant de saluer l’exceptionnelle prouesse jamais démentie pendant 60 ans, si Nana venait à connaitre une  » faiblesse  » somme toute compréhensible…Ne le lui souhaitons pas,bien que nous saurions comprendre, nous! Autre chose: inutile de tous la demander à notre porte pour risquer de la fatiguer: un  » Paris Lyon Bordeaux » et 2 ou 3 autres serait déjà beau… Nous pouvons bouger! En tout cas, où qu’elle  » passe », je l’attend! Autant demander à un aveugle s’il veut voir clair!Abientôt alors, sans doute… Yassou!

  40. Reply Robert fév 17, 2013 5 h 33 min

    Some performers exit the stage too late . . . but Nana retired too early! The new tour will give fans who have never been to a Nana Mouskouri concert a chance to see and hear her. I remember how sad I was when I « discovered » her in late 2008 after she announced she was retiring. I just missed seeing her by four months! Then, she held the November 2011 concert in Berlin! Not only did I get to see her, but I was absolutely mesmerized by her performance. It was wonderful! Her rendition of Le Ciel est Noir was breathtaking!

  41. Reply Peter fév 17, 2013 5 h 09 min

    After seeing and hearing Nana sing in New York during her ‘Farewell’ Tour I was sure that I would not get to see Nana in concert again and that I would simply have to content myself with listening to her records and CDs. Now it seems I just might get to attend another Nana concert. I must say, though, that I am somewhat surprised that Nana will be touring even after she had proclaimed that she would be retiring a number of years ago. Most people thought she was doing the right thing at the time and that she was exiting the stage gracefully. In any case, I would greatly enjoy seeing and hearing her again no matter what her voice sounds like these days. It is so funny that some people, who are not real fans but who have heard of NM, ask me if she is still alive. I tell them that she is and very much so. I admire her dedication and perseverance. She is a truly amazing person and singer.

  42. Reply brigitte de Bordeaux fév 16, 2013 15 h 17 min

    Quelle grande nouvelle en espérant que nana viendra en France et passera peut être par Bordeaux ce serait vraiment fantastique si bien sur se long voyage autour du monde ne la fatigue pas trop

    • Reply sylvie de bordeaux mar 29, 2013 0 h 07 min

      oui brigitte ce serait magnifique que nana passe par Bordeaux, mais comme nous n’avons toujours pas de salle de concert digne de ce nom je me demande si elle ne preferera pas aller dans d’autres villes capables de l’accueillir dans une vrai salle.
      peux ton comparer le royal albert hall, à la patinoire de Bordeaux …

  43. Reply nawo fév 16, 2013 8 h 55 min

    Thank you this great news.
    I hope the tour will include Este Asia,Japan,Korea,Taiwan…
    I think every Nana’s fan where lives in Este Asia hoping.
    I have never been to Nana’s concert yet…

  44. Reply Tina fév 15, 2013 22 h 38 min

    Food news – hope Denmark is ón the tourplan.
    The 3 concerts last year was wonderful.

  45. Reply Mary fév 15, 2013 21 h 35 min

    Cette formidable nouvelle me fait chanter :
    « Nous sommes du soleil
    We love when we play »

    Cette nouvelle est une histoire merveilleuse.

    Merci Nana

  46. Reply maria .*protected email* fév 15, 2013 18 h 01 min

    je suis très contente pour la grande nouvelle le retour de « INCOMPARABLE »NANA MOUSKOURI;LES VRAIS FANS VONT REPRENDRE LES VOYAGES POUR LES CONCERTS DANS LE MONDE.j’ai reçue dvd du concert de London 2007car j’été présente et j’ai vecue de nouveau des fortes émotions Merçi pour le joie que vous nous donniez.on sera présents à vos spectacles

  47. Reply javier fév 15, 2013 15 h 51 min

    Nice to hear that, i hope you visit South America during this tour

  48. Reply Karin Hannah fév 15, 2013 9 h 05 min

    Wonderful news Nana! As usual I am dearly looking forward to seeing and hearing you again. Lots of love and best wishes for both your 2013 birthday and of course your forthcoming tour.

  49. Reply grace australia fév 15, 2013 0 h 09 min

    i knew it !!!! that’s our Nana ….

  50. Reply Janny fév 14, 2013 20 h 41 min

    I hope the tour will include either Canada or the United States. I will travel a long distance to see her. Great news!

  51. Reply TOURNIER Françoise fév 14, 2013 18 h 40 min

    quelle merveilleuse nouvelle on l’attend en France depuis si longtemps, que du bonheur,

  52. Reply Mélodie fév 14, 2013 17 h 59 min

    Grand merci pour cette bonne nouvelle! J’espère la revoir en tournée en Belgique! Au moins c de la vrai musique …. Son passage chez Drucker « vivement dimanche » de Serge Lama, vraiment j’ai été super contente de la revoir. Bravo Nana, Merci d’exister

    Alors Je te souhaite une fabuleuse tournée Nana


  53. Reply Monique Lacroix fév 14, 2013 17 h 34 min





  54. Reply Marcel fév 14, 2013 13 h 57 min

    What a beautifull gift to the world
    on this special day of love and friendship!
    Thank you so much Madame Mouskouri!
    Hope to see you in Belgium!

    Thanks Philippe for the good news!

    Kind regards to all of you!

  55. Reply Sylvain fév 14, 2013 12 h 55 min

    J’espère qu’elle passera par Montréal … Au Québec !

  56. Reply Jean-Pierre fév 14, 2013 12 h 40 min

    La Classe…
    je dirais même plus : la toute grande Classe :-)
    Pourquoi pas une capitale par …semaine ?

    @ bientôt @ Bruxelles …ma Belle Lady !

  57. Reply Vassiliki Karathanassi fév 14, 2013 11 h 02 min

    Quelle GRANDE nouvelle!!
    j’espere qu’elle va aussi passer par Athenes!!! elle est grecque quand meme, faut jamais l’oublier!!
    en attendant les villes et dates precises
    felicitations encore une fois nana!!!
    on t’aime

  58. Reply joel fév 14, 2013 10 h 49 min

    est ce bien raisonnable ? je constate également l’inflation au niveau des ventes de disques, soit 100 millions de plus, depuis le farewell tour, faut arrêter de prendre le public pour des andouilles, enfin espérons plusieurs dates en France même si j’ai de sérieux doutes

    • Reply Philippe (admin) fév 14, 2013 10 h 56 min

      Bonjour Joël,
      Nous espérons tous que la santé de Nana lui permettra de faire quelques concerts à travers le monde, même dans un format un peu plus allégé que par le passé. Concernant les ventes de disques, je crains que le chiffre n’ait que peu changé : « Depuis 1958, plus de 1500 chansons ont été commercialisées à travers le monde et Nana Mouskouri aurait vendu entre 300 et 400 millions de disques » disait-on en 2008… On trouve des informations sur ce lien :

  59. Reply bregeon louis fév 14, 2013 10 h 30 min

    bonjour à tous,
    quelle merveilleuse nouvelle d’apprendre que l’on va retrouver notre chère Nana.
    Passera-t-elle par Nantes?

  60. Reply Mickil-Gabriel France fév 14, 2013 10 h 15 min

    Quelle belle et grande nouvelle de savoir que Nana va refaire une tournée mondiale. Elle est la plus grande, une Déesse, la plus prestigieuse des chanteuses dans le monde.
    Mille merci Nana

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