Nana Mouskouri, la belle et la dette (Le Figaro) 11

Un article paru dans le Figaro du 3 novembre dernier s’intéressait à Nana Mouskouri, dans le cadre de ses 50 ans de carrière et des évènements actuels concernant la Grèce. Malheureusement, seuls les abonnés en ligne peuvent le consulter…
Il commence ainsi :
La Grecque la plus célèbre au monde fête ses cinquante ans de carrière et ne décolère pas contre la lâcheté du gouvernement de Papandréou.
Quatre cents millions. C’est le nombre de disques écoulés par Nana Mouskouri au cours de ses cinquante ans de carrière. Elle est probablement la dernière star de la chanson à avoir interprété des succès en six langues (grec, français, anglais,…

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11 thoughts on “Nana Mouskouri, la belle et la dette (Le Figaro)

  1. Reply grace australia nov 20, 2011 23 h 13 min

    Sorry, i just don’t want Nana,to stop singing if she feels she want to.
    Also,i feel grateful because she helped me,in the past. Sorry,again..

  2. Reply Rolf nov 20, 2011 10 h 19 min

    I agree with the message taht someone put on the forum, regarding Grace from Australia. Does she have nothing else to do like posting all those obsessive messages on this site? Ofcourse, it’s wonderful that that you can be devoted to someone, but in my opinion, this is sick behaviour and a little pathetic. She even blaimed me for writing my opinion about her German Tour. Grace, don’t get me wrong and I don’t want to judge you as a human being, but there is much, much more in life than Mrs. Mouskouri.

  3. Reply Message for Grace nov 19, 2011 19 h 22 min

    Webmaster, please tell that Grace she needs to « Get a life! » The woman clearly needs psychotherapy. :-)

  4. Reply grace australia nov 19, 2011 0 h 26 min

    Edo hreiazetai auto pou leme,tapi kai psyhraimoi.

  5. Reply grace australia nov 16, 2011 23 h 21 min

    And because this is international fan club and we need more happiness,means more Nana,that’s what Andreas Papandreou(Yiorgos Papandreou father)have said to Nana: »Oles oi fones einai mallines,i diki sou omos,einai apo metaxi. »
    In english:All the voices are from wool,but your’s is from silk.

  6. Reply grace australia nov 13, 2011 23 h 06 min

    I grew up,in Nana’s neighborhood
    in Athens,
    i played and dreamed
    on the same streets.
    Doesn’t matter,what a poverty
    was there,
    i am proud and happy,i walked
    on her steps.

    Thank you, Nana.

  7. Reply Canada nov 11, 2011 0 h 25 min

    Nana Mouskouri is the greatest signer of all times. Elle a enrichi nos vies. Nana is an inspiration to all of us and she will always have a special place in our hearts. I always enjoy listening to her records and cd’s in any language. Thank you for all the wonderful songs you have given us, Nana.

  8. Reply grace australia nov 7, 2011 23 h 28 min

    Nana is the « greek cinderella ».
    We need her spirit,these tough days…

  9. Reply grace australia nov 6, 2011 23 h 17 min

    Nanaki,eimaste laos antohis kai to ehoume apodeixei,koritsara mou,etsi den einai?

  10. Reply ANA ESPAñA nov 6, 2011 12 h 58 min

    muchas gracias Philippe.saludos

  11. Reply grace australia nov 5, 2011 1 h 52 min

    Merci beaucoup,Philippe.
    Nanaki,mi stenohoriesai kardoula mou,se parakalo…

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