Tribute to Nana in Thessaloniki 3

On Monday 16th November 2009 there was a special tribute to our dearest Nana Mouskouri here in Thessaloniki, Greece.
We were shown Nana’s appearances on British TV from 1968 until 1986.
Nana sang on the screen alone as well as with The Athenians, Charles Aznavour, Michel Legrand, Cliff Richard, Demis Roussos, George Tsakiris and The King’s Singers.

Nana’s mesmerising voice as well as her unforgettable glasses reminded the whole audience of those years in the past and of those unique songs such as "Only Love", "Casta Diva", "Mes Tin Varka", "I Will Wait For You", Plaisir d’ Amour and many many more.

This tribute was a constant reminder that Nana is still and forever will be within our hearts. After all, how can you possibly forget someone who made your own country known all over the world through music? How can you possibly forget someone whose voice still echoes inside you? Quality always prevails!

My kindest regards to you all out there, to Nana’s friends all over the globe.
I am sending you two photos I took on my mobile phone.

George Vlahos, Thessaloniki, Greece

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3 thoughts on “Tribute to Nana in Thessaloniki

  1. Reply Philippe Vayssaire from France nov 28, 2009 13 h 54 min

    Here in France we love Nana !

  2. Reply Gloria Neale nov 26, 2009 20 h 55 min

    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    I wish I could have been there with you, to share such a special evening.
    Thanks again

  3. Reply bertho france nov 26, 2009 20 h 17 min

    Je suis à la recherche d’une partition pour jouer à une petite fille ateinte d’un cancer, mais je ne la trouve pas comment faire (je t’aime la vie)
    dans l’attente recevez ma très sincère amitié et merci pour elle.

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